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    Kodi and everything related to streaming

    If you are interested in Kodi and everything related to streaming, visit our website Kodi Beginner. The website has many tutorials and tips for you to learn everything you need to know about those subjects.
  2. games

    Light or Dark Theme?

    I like light theme. I always prefer bright and mild colors.
  3. games

    What is your favorite programing language you use for your websites?

    I have a WordPress site, so I also use HTML / CSS / PHP.
  4. games

    As a webmaster, do you run Ads straightway? or wait for the traffic to improve?

    Placing ads on a website that has no traffic mean nothing, you won't earn anything.
  5. games

    Is your site on Shared Hosting, a VPS or a Dedicated Server?

    I use VPS for my website. I moved to VPS six months ago because the traffic for my website was too big to handle with shared hosting, and I had annoying downtimes because of it. Also, VPS gives you better control over your website. This way I can optimize the loading speed of my site.
  6. games

    Do you drive?

    Yes I drive, got my license 5 years ago. I love driving and I love my car :)
  7. games

    Earning more from my AdSense account

    Thanks I will try. In any case, I have a blog not a forum.
  8. games

    Use the Cloudflare DNS with your browser

    According to Cloudflare, it is four times faster than Verisign for example.
  9. games

    Have you bought seo?

    I never bought SEO but I do all the SEO by myself.
  10. games

    Earning more from my AdSense account

    Thank you, I will try it.
  11. games

    Use the Cloudflare DNS with your browser

    Use the Cloudflare DNS instead of your current DNS to get faster and better browsing experience, and to access websites and services blocked by your ISP. Here is how do to it: Changing to Cloudflare DNS in your browser
  12. games

    What got you into being a webmaster?

    I love to write and also love technology. As a result, I decided to open a blog and write about software. Because I have a prior knowledge of WordPress, it wasn't hard to build my first blog and it was a quite successful.
  13. games


    I like pizza with onion and mushrooms.
  14. games

    What is your favorite junk food?

    I love pizza.
  15. games

    Earning more from my AdSense account

    I use AdSense with my website and earn nice amount of money every month, but I think I can earn more as I have a lot of traffic. I already use auto ads and matched content to increase my earnings. Any tips you have about optimizing AdSense to earn more from my account?