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Yesterday's Top Poster
  1. Xyphien

    Any other projects?

    Outside of website development do you all have any other projects you're working on? Right now, I'm working on a video game, two card games, and a board game :)
  2. Xyphien

    Best place to get animated chibis

    If you've ever seen any of my own personal Emojis, both GIF and static then you should know how high quality they really are! A lot of people have been trying to see where I've gotten my Emoji's from and I'm here to publically show that user. This is the person I...
  3. Xyphien

    Designers, have you ever got scammed?

    So, I just made a logo for this guy. I do Semi-Custom logos for $30 using assets and making them more stylized for clients to save them money and myself time. I do a $10 down payment in case the client flakes, or doesn't want anything so I don't do work for free and can keep at least something...
  4. Xyphien

    I've rebranded my personal image

    I've decided it's best to change my avatar as that's my companies mascot as well. This way I have some separation between me and my company. I've turned my avatar into a cute chibi phoenix instead :)
  5. Xyphien

    Rebranding your personal account

    Have you every rebranded your own personal account, be it a name, avatar, etc. If so, how did it effect your online site? Did it change anything?
  6. Xyphien

    Have you ever had a site or project explode with activity?

    I've had 2 thus far blow up, and I'm wondering what others do/did when their stuff randomly blows up with activity. My one site gained several thousand members in the first week of opening and topped off at just under 40k before I finally ended the site. Now, I'm working on a Play by Post RPG...
  7. Xyphien

    Where do you go to buy articles?

    Articles are known to give great SEO and bring traffic, however a lot of times people tend to buy articles instead of creating them. Where do you all tend to go personally to buy articles?
  8. Xyphien


    I just received an email from a really popular Xenforo2 theme company saying their brand new theme which costs $100 is currently being given away for FREE! If you've ever used Xenforo then you've had to have heard about ThemeHouse. They have some of the best products and themes on the market...
  9. Xyphien

    Xenforo 2 Top Poster Banner

    Xyphien submitted a new resource: Xenforo 2 Top Poster Banner - Guaranteed to work with version v2.2.5 Read more about this resource...
  10. Xyphien

    What do you do with setbacks?

    When developing, or having stuff developed for your website what do you do with setbacks? Do you plan ahead for them, or do you wing it if they happen? With our latest update I've announced as being soon, we've had some decent set backs which will push it further back. I thought it would be...
  11. Xyphien

    Celebrating Smaller Holidays

    Do you and your website celebrate smaller holidays? By smaller holidays I mean anything that doesn't have jobs shut down during. I.E. Christmas/Winter Holidays, and stuff of that nature. For example, do you celebrate Pride month for your site, or Memorial Day, etc. If so, how do you go about...
  12. Xyphien

    What's the most you've ever made in a month off your site?

    As the title states, what's the absolute most you've made off of a website in just a month? For me it was around $1,000 in a month. I had several year subs which were $25 for the year, donations, purchases, and adsense revenue. All equaling just under $1,000 (like 900 something. I'm curious to...
  13. Xyphien

    Verified on Social Media or a Platform?

    Has anyone here ever been verified on a social media platform? If so has it affected you at all, did it increase your overall views, memberships, and sales? I've recently got verified on a chat service called Guilded, and ever since it has increased my sales a decent bit. I've been getting...
  14. Xyphien

    Monthly SEO

    SEO, as well all should know is a massive impact on our sites passive webviews. The higher our SEO the more monthly viewers we get without having to do anything other than build our SEO off the bat. However, what most people do not understand is that SEO is something that doesn't just stay. If...
  15. Xyphien

    Sorry for the inactivity, here's why.

    So, I've purchased a new house and have been doing some hard core renovations on it! The ENTIRE house had carpet, bathroom included. So we ripped up the carpet in the bathroom, then ripped up the three layers of tiles as well. We're planning on hiring someone to install new tile eventually. We...
  16. Xyphien

    The TRUTH about eCommerce video I just stumbled upon this when looking up information for eCommerce, as well as where to find sellers and buying in bulk as a reseller. The video so far is extremely helpful and beneficial so I recommend checking it...
  17. Xyphien

    Have you ever been late to an order?

    Has someone ever purchased something from you and it's taken you a little while to get back due to unforeseen reasons? If so, how do you handle it? Personally, I haven't had it happen until recently, so I simply gave an apology and explained the situation the best that I could.
  18. Xyphien

    Radon, a threat no one seems to talk about

    I've personally never heard of Radon, nor has any of my friends and acquaintances. My buddy, who's a lot older than I am said he spent 20 years installing radon vents and then when I put a contract on a home to make sure to get it checked out. What most people don't know is Radon is one of the...
  19. Xyphien

    Other Will Guilded be the death of forums?

    Forums have been struggling over the years, especially with the birth of discord. However, Guilded is an alternative to Discord with a built in forum system in it. On top of a scheduling system, calendar/events people can RSVP to, check list, roles, and practically everything people tend to use...
  20. Xyphien

    Anyone starting to use Guilded?

    Has anyone here started to try and use guilded at all? For those who may not know, guilded is the new competitor to Discord, it looks pretty good and it's something I've been keeping an eye out on.