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    Does SEO change too much?

    To me, it seems like SEO changes way too much. I mean, it feels like after you learn something, that method changes. Have you ever had this experience with SEO?
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    How to make my website show on Google?

    I have a website that I want people to search on Google. So I registered with Google console service and also installed SEO plugin in the website but still the website can not be searched on Google. What am I missing? Or what should I do to enable my website to be searched on Google?
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    What is your favorite programing language you use for your websites?

    Server-side, I prefer PHP. Client-side there’s no choice - JavaScript. Desktop apps, I prefer Pascal (if no window is involved), VB or whatever other language is best for the use (even compiled PHP on some occasions). For Android, Java. For PIC CPUs, assembly. For a new website, you’re going to...
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    As a webmaster, do you run Ads straightway? or wait for the traffic to improve?

    yes but you can't even put 70 ads because the people will leave after that :)