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Yesterday's Top Poster
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    When designing your website, do you follow a color pallet system?

    I can't even match my clothes in the morning let alone matching colors of a website. So yes pallets are very much needed.
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    Reputation on forums!

    What are your thoughts on reputation on forums? -- I would never have reputation on forums. I don't like it. It seems like a popularity contest. I just feel it takes away from the forum.
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    Forum Cursed?

    That is crazy. It's like high school all over gain. I am so sorry that happened. I hope you have better success with this one.
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    Looking for a partner

    I sent you a friend request. :)
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    Looking for a partner

    Yes I am still looking for a partner. Do you happen to have discord? I would love to give specifics to what I had in mind and talk to you further about it.
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    When do you open up your forum?

    WTF. 1k members in the first day. Thats insane.
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    Wordpress How long have you been using Wordpress?

    Ditto. I lost count. I never held down a blog for more than three months.However perhaps 2012?
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    Introduction Thread

    Welcome! I really like your forum. :)
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    Black hat vs white hat seo!

    This morning I was reading about seo and came across black hat vs white hat. What do participate in? How has that worked out for you?
  10. A I on my own?

    I agree with this sentiment somewhat. I am on the fence. I joined a forum where premium is $ 25 a month with not enough value. Besides the point that is way too much to ask of somebody. I also see forums where they offer premium for a certain amount and offer nothing of value. I am against...
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    Other Blog apart of forum - how?

    Thanks for the recommendation. Much appreciated.
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    What is the first thing you do in the morning?

    I make a cup of tea. -- How about you?
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    Do you drive?

    Do you drive? If so do you enjoy it?
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    Grand Opening!

    I hope the forum thrives for years to come. It is sure a creative webmaster forum.
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    When trying to promote your website, what are bad tactics and good tactics?

    That is a really neat idea. I wish you the best of luck on that.
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    Pay or Self Design?

    I will be doing both. For now only I have done it my self. I will be buying a theme for an upcoming forum. Same with other sites down the line.
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    What is your favorite junk food?

    Whats your favorite junk food? -- For me personally its popcorn, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and french onion dip with ruffles.
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    Advertising a forum on other forums

    I would say its worth it. Just make sure you follow the forums rule and don't post it unless you have a good amount of posts.
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    Have you bought seo?

    What have you used to buy seo? Has it worked out for you? If so what site do you use?
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    Creating hype for a site before opening?

    Have you every created hype for a site before you opened. Did you create a personal message, create a newsletter, exc? Have you ever done this. Was it for a blog, personal, forum, exc.. How did that end up working out for you?