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Yesterday's Top Poster
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    Reputation on forums!

    What are your thoughts on reputation on forums? -- I would never have reputation on forums. I don't like it. It seems like a popularity contest. I just feel it takes away from the forum.
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    Black hat vs white hat seo!

    This morning I was reading about seo and came across black hat vs white hat. What do participate in? How has that worked out for you?
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    What is the first thing you do in the morning?

    I make a cup of tea. -- How about you?
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    Do you drive?

    Do you drive? If so do you enjoy it?
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    What is your favorite junk food?

    Whats your favorite junk food? -- For me personally its popcorn, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and french onion dip with ruffles.
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    Have you bought seo?

    What have you used to buy seo? Has it worked out for you? If so what site do you use?
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    Creating hype for a site before opening?

    Have you every created hype for a site before you opened. Did you create a personal message, create a newsletter, exc? Have you ever done this. Was it for a blog, personal, forum, exc.. How did that end up working out for you?
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    When do you open up your forum?

    When do you feel it it is right to open up your forum? Do you open it up the same day or wait to get more content? Do you wait until a certain about of members. Which do you do and how successful has that been?
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    Other Blog apart of forum - how?

    I'm not sure which thread to post this.Nor am I sure how to describe-how to ask the question. So I'm going to post a few forum as an example. and They have a blog added to there forum which is a part of the forum...
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    Looking for a partner

    I am looking for a partner and a writer to help develop a forum from a couple forum ideas and make it a reality. I don't want to give to too much away. If your interested post here message me or message me on discord. @Altair.