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Yesterday's Top Poster
  1. Fait

    Do you have a success story with Paid Advertising?

    A friend of mine suggested to advertise on TikTok, might give it a shot.
  2. Fait

    Black hat vs white hat seo!

    I say white hat SEO, I just looked it up more and black hat isn’t going to last it make you a quick buck and is only good if you don’t plan on keeping the website.
  3. Fait

    Do you have a success story with Paid Advertising?

    I can confirm I tried Facebook ads and got slandered the people on that platform are to busy abusing each other to join a moderated environment. I tried Snapchat ads i managed to score one member.
  4. Fait

    Other Blog apart of forum - how?

    We use XenPorta at play observed and I believe Revillution uses this too.
  5. Fait

    Favorite band?

    They definitely are!! :) Both vocalists of the band have been beyond amazing :P
  6. Fait

    Which method do you adopt to promote your website?

    I t can be very hard to promote well that’s my experience but so far ForumPromotion has been amazing help and SEO 2% has worked but not quite there yet.
  7. Fait

    Favorite band?

    Linkin Park, Killswitch Engage, The Amity Affliction, etc.. :D
  8. Fait

    What is your favorite programing language you use for your websites?

    PHP But then again I am a web developer :D
  9. Fait

    how long have you been running sites?

    I switched over to Xenforo so I have the source code but for free self hosted it’s good :P
  10. Fait

    how long have you been running sites?

    Since 2009 :) I started one in 2009 called DSiRage that got very active but I hated forumotion restriction so I tried to move it but the users didn’t like that so I had to close it. then between 2010 - 2015 I made a few weird ones and now I’m at something good which is Play Observed.