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Yesterday's Top Poster
  1. Xyphien

    Webmaster Place Updates:

    We're now up to 14k + backlinks! We're also ranked third on google for webmaster marketplace, we're ranked 21st for Webmaster Community, and several others are in the top 100.
  2. Xyphien

    How to make my website show on Google?

    A lot of people do not know this, but SEO Plugins do not generate backlinks, or help all that much with actual SEO. Both Do-Follow and No-Follow Backlinks, social pins, etc. are what build your SEO and get you ranked higher. Finding the right keywords to do this is also very difficult as well...
  3. Xyphien

    Does SEO change too much?

    Oh yeah! As someone that does SEO quite frequently it is hard to keep up with it. I also outsource a lot and having to ensure that those I outsource to are up to date on all of the changes can be quite taxing as well. Especially when it comes to google's algorithm, that changes more than...
  4. Xyphien

    Best place to get animated chibis

    Those are amazing! Yeah, I personally LOVE their work! I've had over 10 designed from them, a few I've had revisions made and it was hassle free! 10/10 I think they're the best to go through!
  5. Xyphien

    Any other projects?

    Outside of website development do you all have any other projects you're working on? Right now, I'm working on a video game, two card games, and a board game :)
  6. Xyphien

    Best place to get animated chibis

    Yeah, that was actually made by them :D
  7. Xyphien

    Boosting youtube channel

    I use to back in the day, there was an amazing strategy to get literal thousands of views. Sadly, all of the ways I once knew are now against their ToS and do not work for the most part. From now it's really about self promotion, and self marketing to try and get your youtube videos around.
  8. Xyphien

    Best place to get animated chibis

    If you've ever seen any of my own personal Emojis, both GIF and static then you should know how high quality they really are! A lot of people have been trying to see where I've gotten my Emoji's from and I'm here to publically show that user. This is the person I...
  9. Xyphien

    What We Offer

    Yeah, that's still available :D
  10. Xyphien

    What We Offer

    Not planning on removing them :p so they're still readily available!
  11. Xyphien

    Do you have a success story with Paid Advertising?

    Never tried Snapchat, though I'm the most interested in TikTok. I think that could bring in a LOT of people for various different Niches, webmaster being one of them.
  12. Xyphien

    How do you know when its time to update your PC hardware?

    If you play games, it's when you start having to downgrade to lower graphics, and struggling to get good FPS. For video editing, it's when programs start to take a while, lag, crash, etc. frequently. It honestly depends on what you're doing, and what causes issues when doing it. For games, the...
  13. Xyphien

    Have you ever had a site or project explode with activity?

    You have to be careful with drama though, drama can destroy a site just as quick as it can increase activity. My largest forum I've ever owned died for a while due to a huge drama filled incident. Took months to get it back to where it was and even then it wasn't the same.
  14. Xyphien

    Black hat vs white hat seo!

    There's still a risk to get your site blacklisted from google using gray hat as they're still not a fan of that method so I'd still be careful.
  15. Xyphien

    Have you used Affiliate with your website to make money

    For me personally, when selling affiliated products I tend to use Amazon. I will write an article I know will bring in traffic/views over time and then link related items in that. For example, I own a verified server on guilded called Alcohol, where I post cocktail recipes, all of the...
  16. Xyphien

    Favorite band?

    Killswitch is an amazing band! I use to listen to them on repeat in middle/highschool and I still like listening to them from time to time currently :)
  17. Xyphien

    how long have you been running sites?

    A fellow 2009 forumotion user as well :D nice!
  18. Xyphien

    Designers, have you ever got scammed?

    I've had something similar happen. I only paid about half for it, and sadly they strung me along way longer than the paypal guidelines of 90 days or something before they then vanished so I wasn't able to get a refund for it... Reported it to Xf, other people came out and claimed that they've...
  19. Xyphien

    Designers, have you ever got scammed?

    So, I just made a logo for this guy. I do Semi-Custom logos for $30 using assets and making them more stylized for clients to save them money and myself time. I do a $10 down payment in case the client flakes, or doesn't want anything so I don't do work for free and can keep at least something...
  20. Xyphien

    Okay finance niche! how should i market it?

    I have the slightest idea. When I think of Budgeting I think of a more serious format when it comes to ads. You could always do something like a "Meet Jim" video. "Meet Jim, he's 38 and is looking through his wallet to see if he can afford pizza for dinner... for the 8th time this week. Don't...