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Yesterday's Top Poster
  1. Snorlax

    Referrals & Affiliates

    Does referral programs and affiliate programs work for communityies? Would people actually refer and bring people to the community if given incentives? If so what incentives actually work?
  2. Snorlax

    Are long keywords good to use?

    I heard some people say they use complete questions like "what is the best pokemon?" are keywords like this good to use? Is this even sonsidered a keyword to begin with?
  3. Snorlax

    Whats considered a good keyword

    With SEO it looks like you need to know somee keywords before hand. What is considrerd to be a good keyword? Is it something people search often or a singular word?
  4. Snorlax

    How many backlinks is considered good?

    I'd like to know this before even thinking about making a site. How many backlinks is considered good before you should even consider going public?
  5. Snorlax

    Browser Issues

    What do you do if you come into a problem where someone is using a webbrowser and that specific browser has an issue? Do you work on fixing it for that browser or do you tell them to use another browser and ignore it?
  6. Snorlax

    This forum is pretty active despite having so few members. I like it :)

    This forum is pretty active despite having so few members. I like it :)
  7. Snorlax

    Are you strict owner?

    Im probably going to handle myself the same way. Or at least try
  8. Snorlax

    What is the best thing to do when you start a community?

    Alright thank you everyone. This helps a lot and I now have a lot of stuff to look over before starting!
  9. Snorlax

    What is the best thing to do when you start a community?

    Yeah. This is why Im thinking of doing Guilded. Theres not a lot of people on it right now so it looks like it should be easy to establish something prior to it blowing up and from what I can tell from google rankings the older the higher chance of it showing up over others.
  10. Snorlax

    Light or Dark Theme?

    On Webmaster Place what theme do you like? I personally love the light theme I love my eyes burning from websites it really reeminds me of the good ol days. lol for real though I do tend to use light themes exclusively and I find that the colors look a lot more sleek and professional on the...
  11. Snorlax

    Webmaster Place Updates:

    This seems like a really cool feature. Im assuming itll allow for stuff like guilded to be posted on there as well?
  12. Snorlax

    Other Do you use cPanel or a free control panel on your site?

    Ive never used cpanel before nor do I even know what it is. After looking at it though it doesnt seem that hard to use so Ill probably go with cpanel if I decide to get hosting
  13. Snorlax

    Are you strict owner?

    I wont be :) Im going to be pretty relaxeed but Ill still have rules you must follow
  14. Snorlax

    What is the best thing to do when you start a community?

    That's the issue though Im not sure if I want to start a forum though. I want to start a community but there's a TON of other options out there besides forums, forums are slowly dying unless you have something unique like this one with the shop to buy awesome products I dont see the biggest deal...
  15. Snorlax

    Other What is Guilded really?

    I've seen @Xyphien mention it a lot and it looks like a cool thing but what is it really, and why should I use that over discord and other alternatives?
  16. Snorlax

    Other Will Guilded be the death of forums?

    I'm not sure if itll be the death but it does look really good. The forum feature does looks coolio. Im not going to lie.
  17. Snorlax

    What is the best thing to do when you start a community?

    I'm thinking about making a Pokemon community and i really dont know what or how to go about doing it. What do you think would be the best things to do for it. I saw a few options on here and contemplating my options. Guilded looks really really cool but idk if i want to go that route or just...
  18. Snorlax

    Monthly SEO

    Very nice article, it's very thorough and should help out a lot. Wish you had more on the difference between everything. If I should use wordpress, xenforo, or the guilded app you mentioned.
  19. Snorlax

    Introduction Thread

    Snorlax Here! I'm new to being a web developer and trying to find out the best ways to open up a pokemon themed community. Figured this was a great site to stop in and get more information on!