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Feb 3, 2021
Webmaster Place was designed to create a centralized place for webmasters. Offering every service we feel a Webmaster should have. From a marketplace where you can buy and sell websites, domains, marketing, designs and more to a place to learn as well as get insight and opinions on your site. Our goal is to create not just the next site, but a site you can call your own place. Hints the name Webmaster Place.

Every webmaster should ask themselves what makes their website different from all others, what features do you offer that would entail people to participate in your content. We're no different, and we're here to tell you all of our features that stands us apart from the others.

The Marketplace:
Our marketplace is a huge boost above most other sites. Firstly, you're able to buy and sell websites, domains, themes/styles, plugins, and a ton of other content without any upfront fees! No more paying $45 to sell your website for them to ALSO take a huge percentage. We're here to proudly allow you to sell your webmaster related content free of initial charge. We do take 20% of the final sales price, but you're never charged. Instead you simply receive 80% of the final sale directly to your paypal! It's simple, easy, and straight forward. You can also find out, in detail on how to sell your products by clicking HERE

Promotional Header Banner:
That large 468x60 banner in the header isn't a paid promotional feature. That spot is a spot most people charge hundreds and even thousands for monthly or CCP/CPM/ETC. We give it out completely free, and it changes DAILY! The person who makes the most posts daily is rewarded this banner for 24 hours. 24 entire hours of having your site's banner advertisement promoted on our website simply by being active and posting the most for that day. Your activity helps us become more successful and as such we want to help you become more successful and what better what tp support you than promoting the website you hold dearly! All you have to do is go into your ACCOUNT DETAILS, scroll down and put your 468x60 image in the Banner section under your website link. Our system will automatically take that and post it as a banner for 24 hours if you're the most active user during the previous day!

Badges & Verification Statuses:
We want to help showcase individuals and help them stand them out for their great achievements. As such we've created the Badges, badges are rewarded for you for being successful at what you do. From being Business Verified to Owning a successful site such as a Forum, Blog, eCommerce, etc. You can get a badge. These will allow you to sell more products on the marketplace as people will trust you more and know you're a professional in your field!

Complete Website Discussions:
Most webmaster sites tend to stick with one type of website, be it Forums, Blogs, or eCommerce. We focus on all of it. Webmasters aren't going to stick in one field all the time, and we're aware. Your forum could turn into a blog and forum, your website could get a forum, the possibilities are there and we want to ensure you get the help and information needed for all of it!

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