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This is my best secret and I want to share it with you.

What this site is, is the greatest find known to man. Having trouble getting your website active? Do you run a forum and the traffic isn't just what you hope.

Here's what you do.

Sign up for a free account on this site. Go to marketplace domains > godaddy traffic domains > then click on the traffic header. What you will find is domains that are receiving between 10K visitors a day - Upwards of 500K a day and sometimes more and they are being sold anywhere from $20-100 a pop.

I have yet to buy one of the traffic domains but intend to give it a shot soon. I have actually not taken much advantage of this yet and have only bought 3 other domains.

I will probably buy my first traffic domain in the next few months. But if you are interested go to this site and make an account.

Take advantage of the filter.

Use the filter to find your domain, how much traffic, how many backlinks, what's the alexa rank. This site has all the ways to ensure the domain you get is not only cheap and affordable but also has the traffic you need. As far as SEO goes, this is a fantastic find in which I discovered a few years ago.

Also the best domain registrar you should be using is https://www.namecheap.com - .COM domains are only $9.06 after tax with free whoIS privacy and you can get .biz and other extensions similar for only $1. You can also take advantage of a godaddy promo code for a .COM domain for $1 the first year or you can take advantage of https://1and1.com - Now called ionos.com which offer your first domain with them for $1 the first year.

Though namecheap seems to be the best if your not new to buying domains. Let me hear your thoughts below.

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Feb 3, 2021
Amazing article, thanks for taking the time to make this and post it! I've used them to buy two high PR domains actually. B2L.Biz and Watch-Only.com :)
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Feb 12, 2021
No problem. I'm sure this will help some people find some traffic on their site. I still haven't bought a traffic domain but now realize the 2 domains I did buy are actually fairly valuable as far as traffic in their own right. I will target a Godaddy Traffic domain sometime within the next week or so.