Got in trouble for advertising?

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Feb 12, 2021
Not often but a while back I got an infraction for private messaging someone my website. It wasn't clear what the rules were and that was when I was less experienced to what most forums don't allow. Of course I knew this person so that's really what caused the issue. A genuine general conversation that lead to my link being given so I received a warning point. Not likely to happen again on most any site. As I usually just get their discord or contact details if I plan on talking to them about something like that.


Staff member
Feb 3, 2021
With my largest website I got perma IP banned for promoting my website of a game making program on the game making programs official forums. There, at the time wasn't any rules against it. But, that promotion apparently is what got the site pretty big decently fast. In them shutting it down instantly, made people infinitely more interested in it and had them joining left and right. It had almost 1k members in the first week. So yes, I did get banned for 'wrongfully' promoting, however it wasn't me breaking any rules as I always read the ToS before making any promotion posts to avoid situations like that, which still happened XD

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