Drupal Have you ever used Drupal?

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Staff member
Feb 3, 2021
Have you ever used Drupal? If so why did you chose it over the other software out there? Are you still using it, or did you go with something else?

For me personally I used it once to create a site for a game I played. It was going to be a community showcase website where we'd make a video showcasing everything weekly. It never really took off, so I ended up shutting it down. I've never used Drupal after that, it was a good system, I was just use to Wordpress, Xenforo, etc. instead. I have a bridge that connects the two and there's no need to use Drupal after that personally.


Jul 5, 2021
I never used drupal before. I've heard about its quality, and the benefits of getting monetized by AdSense even through its free hosted feature. I'm only with wordpress at the moment.

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