Pay or Self Design?

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Feb 3, 2021
Do you end up paying or designing your website/forum/blog yourself? Or... do you do a little bit of both?

Personally, I do both. It really depends on what I'm doing, and for whom. If it's for me then chances are I'll buy a pre-made theme, style, etc. and then build around that. Change some things around to my liking, etc. If it's for a client, I'll more than likely do everything myself unless the client states they wish to have it in a way that may require a pre-made theme, or addon.


Feb 27, 2021
I will be doing both. For now only I have done it my self.
I will be buying a theme for an upcoming forum. Same with other sites down the line.
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Starting Out
Feb 26, 2021
Before XenForo I would always try to come up with my own designs from scratch, or I would buy a website template from somewhere and adapt this into a forum design. For the most part, this worked pretty well. The code wouldn't always be pretty but some of those designs would be pretty unique.

Since starting with XenForo, I've been hugely impressed by some of the third-party themes on offer and felt that no amount of work that I did would be able to compete. So I changed my approach slightly, and now buy pre-made themes as a base and build around them. I did it with Nerdface, and I'm doing it with Umbrella Online.
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Feb 12, 2021
What I usually do to keep it A-professional is buy a theme from pixel exit with a framework and then change it up a tad bit to be unique. That's what I did with my site and enjoying how it looks a good bit. I really think I did well for the sites theme quite a bit. Looking forward to watching my site grow. I couldn't be more happy with my choice of theme provider.