Proxy5 - Static IPv4 proxies for all tasks (Free test)

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Oct 24, 2022

Proxy5 - is a high-quality proxying service from the best service on the virtual services market.

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Service features:

✓ Automatic payment and issuance of proxies;
✓ IPv4 proxies are great for all tasks and suitable for all programs;
✓ Proxies support connection using HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5 network protocols;
✓ Several options for proxy authentication: by IP address or login and password;
✓ Productivity throughout the entire period of operation;
✓ High-speed connection with unlimited traffic;
✓ Different subnets and IP address range for each proxy packet;
✓ API support - proxy list download to programs by URL;
✓ Offload Builder - making a ready-made list of proxies for manual insertion;
✓ Updating the proxy list - the function allows you to completely update the list of proxies;
✓ Multifunctional client panel;
✓ Technical support any day of the week.

Rate plans:

- Private proxies - from 1 IP for $ 5 for 30 days.
- Server proxies - from 10 IP for 5$ for 30 days.
- Free proxy test - 10 IP for $0 for 30 minutes.

The minimum duration of a proxy lease is 30 days. You can extend the lease for 30, 90 and 360 days. The renewal price is reduced by 20% of the original cost of the tariff.

Available proxy countries:

- Russia
- Ukraine
- Germany
- China
- Australia
- Great Britain
- Canada
- Netherlands
- France
- Turkey
- Poland
- India
- Spain
- Japan
and others.

Payment methods:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Mir, BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT TRC20, USDT ERC20, DASH, TRON, SOL, BNB, UNI, Perfect Money, Yoomoney, Qiwi, WebMoney, Alipay and others.


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