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Feb 3, 2021
Webmaster Place is a professional webmaster forum that's dedicated to helping out one another and building each other up. With that being said we have some rules you must follow when being a member of WP.

  • Respect others, and yourself.
  • Constructive criticism is always welcome, and tolerated, however it has to be constructive and not disrespectful.
  • Cussing/Cursing is fine, just keep it to a minimum.
  • Webmaster Place is not responsible for any potential mishaps that may occur on the Marketplace, however let us know if anything happens and we will look into it.
  • Some sections may have their own rules so make sure to read them prior to posting in those sections.
  • Banner Images MUST be 468x60 else you can be stripped of that service.
  • Absolutely no spamming or low effort/quality topics and replies.
  • Promotion is ONLY allowed in the selected promotion sections. Promotions consist of mentioned your site out of context, or doing so multiple times outside of the promotion section.
  • Rules are liable to change, it's up to you read and stay up to date on them.
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