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Feb 3, 2021

Logo.pngis a website that gives back to web developers/webmasters/and business owners! By offering easy to join raffles to win some free prizes which are shown below.

Every week I will be giving away a small, free portion of my companies services for someone. These will range from a small posting package for your forum or blog, Do-Follow High Authority Back Links for your website, Logo Design for a company/brand, and more. (Other ideas are welcome). In return for these free giveaways all you have to do is enter a raffle and do some small things. These will range from liking our social media, retweeting our posts, viewing (not buying though buying is the intent) our services, and some other things as they pop up. We may even have paid promotion in there as well (I.E. Someone gives us x amount of money and we have it so people get twice as much entries to view their website).

This week is a Posting Package: You can join by CLICKING HERE