What is your favorite hosting company thus far?

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Staff member
Feb 3, 2021
Out of all of the hosting companies you've used thus far what is your favorite one, and why?

Oblivion Knight

Feb 26, 2021
MattW Services

I won't post the link in case he doesn't want me to, but get in touch with him on xenforo.com - he's always come highly recommended. I've had a history of bad hosts where XenForo is concerned, so I decided to start investing properly and I'm glad I did.. He took care of the migration which was seamless, and there hasn't really been a blip to speak of.

I guess the only downside is that you have less control than you do with other hosts and shared hosting, but perhaps that's a good thing if it's more stable! I had an issue where a desired addon required a PHP module to be installed - Matt took care of this within 24 hours. He goes above and beyond.


Feb 12, 2021
Host Rush is the one I use due to how reliable the uptime is and how cheap the hosting is. I pay $42 every 6 months for 8 gb ram 4 cores and 75 gb disk space with several terraflops of bandwidth. I use Virtualmin/Webmin for my control panel as it's free and have been loving it since. The control panel is a lot better then you may think when you get used to it. It's the best alternative to cPanel on VPS as it's around $160 extra. I basically pay $80/year and get all that. It's on a hosting deal I found on webhostingtalk which is the best place to find a host. Their prices are still fairly cheap even outside that deal however and aren't half that bad. It's mostly un-managed so if you aren't a do-it-yourself person or you need a managed host then it isn't for you. There's 1 person running support but they do a fantastic job regardless and I've been with them for close to 3 years now. Haven't had the site go down not even 1 time the entire time.

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