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Webmaster Place Articles:
The article sections is a great place to stand out from others, promote your site, and get noticed for doing so. Each article has a higher chance of us spending the money to use in our SEO building, which means your article could get ranked first on google for several keywords. What does this mean for you? It means that your signature ad will be visible to thousands of others, or even more! As well as any links in your article (that follow the rules below)! We strongly believe in helping out those who help us, and this is the way we plan on doing so for articles! The more backlinks we build on the articles you right, the more exposure, and higher SEO is built for your website as well!

  • Articles MUST be full. This means no redirecting to another site half way through.
  • You're allowed to link up to 3 keywords in an article to your website, however they MUST be keywords. No images, open links, etc.
  • An article should be at least 250 words
  • You must have at least one picture in an article, more would increase the chances of us using it in SEO and building backlinks for it.
  • Articles MUST be webmaster related.
  • Articles MUST be unique and original. No copy and paste articles.
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