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  1. Steven

    Other What is Guilded really?

    Yeah it’s true, if you’re not as popular as the big dog and they big dog completes all the good perks youve got and you didn’t catch to the popularity you’re telling me you’ll make it? Probably not… FYI I have a new guilded server for a game fan base. So I’m not against guilded I just feel like...
  2. Steven

    Other What is Guilded really?

    I never said they killed guilded you’re so quick to jump on guilded literally saying they’re adding the same features if guilded does not get popular by the time discord matches guilded which as you can see they’re doing just that. they will still be on top. Not once did I say it killed guilded
  3. Steven

    Other What is Guilded really?

    And just like that discord is back on top Guilded was just to slow with getting the popularity it needed to beat discord from matching their system.
  4. Steven

    Are you strict owner?

    Nothing wrong with religion topics. When I say politics I am talking about political parties, Social Movements, etc.
  5. Steven

    Building your own web servers?

    Building your own web servers? has anyone started the process or have built their own web server maybe with a raspberry pi? What was the cost difference from just buying vps?
  6. Steven

    What Project/website are you currently working on?

    What Project/website are you currently working on? I am currently working on and I would like to figure out something to use my XF license for, wouldn't mind buying a community already started but we shall see.
  7. Steven

    Are you strict owner?

    I like to try and stay laid back as much as possible, however, I can not stand politics and any forum I create/own that is my #1 rule is no politics.. and then of course no harassment or disrespecting other members. ;)
  8. Steven

    Other What is Guilded really?

    How much percentage of members have actaully created a guided account from your forums you took down, or discord servers you moved over to guided? Have people stayed afterward or saw a decline in the community?
  9. Steven

    What are some ways that have helped you get followers on social media?

    What are some ways that have helped you get followers on social media? Like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Instagram for me as been the easiest to get likes and followers, using the right hashtags they always seem to find the post. however, for Twitter Facebook, it's nearly impossible to...
  10. Steven

    Negative Feedback?

    Negative Feedback is the best! You get to see the flaws and you're able to correct things that you just cant find sometimes. I have to agree, any feedback is good feedback! ;)
  11. Steven

    Advertising a forum on other forums

    I don't think it causes problems if anything it can help bring more members to the community. NamePros spams out any combination of communities names that are in the same niche. I think it's pretty pathetic.
  12. Steven

    How I had to rename my site again due to the letter S

    Yeah, I was in a similar situation. RedBull did this spin-off mountain biking online series that had maybe 2 episodes years back. It was called IntoTheDirt. however, it was not a trademark and they did not use the name anymore. So I went ahead and used it. I purchased the Domain name then...
  13. Steven

    Other Blog apart of forum - how?

    I have seen the bridge a lot and it has worked out pretty nicely however, I really like how Namepros does their blog. Where they use the forum itself as a blog.
  14. Steven

    Worst experience with a hosting company?

    I honestly haven't had a bad experience... I mean everything I paid for was given to me... I think the only bad experience I have had was domain registry
  15. Steven

    Other Will Guilded be the death of forums?

    I honestly didnt like guilded at all... not sure why just wasn't for me.. I can see it competing with discord however, Forums provides more Custom, traffic, content etc.